The absolute logical

This is my minimalistic left side where I plan, organize and play it cool. Then I get bored and switch to the right side.

The creative emotional

This is my artistically engaging right side where I usually go bananas doing a zillion things until I go back to the left side.

You probably want to look at my work, but here is a bit about me first, just to break the ice.


There are some basic rules this brain dictates on an everyday basis; nullify boredom, do great things, have a meaningful life. Restless spirit by nature, organization “freak”, out-of-the-box thinker, unique designs lover, enthusiastic gamer, regular hiker, scuba diver and amateur fashion designer.

some BrainWorks…

Branding and Packaging are my strong suits. I’ve built and managed brands from the ground up. I’m a seasoned creative — a passionate leader with a proven track record for conceiving and translating complex ideas into slick, successful campaigns. I’ve managed and motivated teams of various disciplines and sizes, both in-house and as a freelancer. Oh, and I love dogs.

Moving things 2 pixels to the left or right since 2001 (seriously, please don’t tell me to do that, thanks.).

The BrainWorks continue…

Branding / Brochures / Campaigns / Digital Design / Display Stands
Campaigns / Digital Design / e-Newspapers

Key areas of experience include Creative Direction, Art Direction and Senior-Level Design in Print, Digital, UI/UX, Branding and Brand Strategy. Out of my love for printed material I have also become an expert at Printing Techniques. So, I pretty much do everything. Next stop: Motion graphics and game development.

More BrainWorks…

Branding / Brochures / Campaigns / Digital Design / Display Stands

I’ve worked with some pretty big brands, including LEO, MSD, Lavipharm, Servier, Sarantis S.A., AstraZeneca, Valeant and Unilever.

The Clients

Want to get in touch? Cool, but just to be clear, I don’t tweet, birds do, you can follow me on, Flickr, and I’m also on LinkedIn (because who isn’t?).


If you prefer more traditional means of communication you can always send me an email.



phone:+30 6971760347