Akouson – Hearing Centres

Akouson – Hearing Centres is a brand that was created for the Greek market initially under a different name (Hellinika Akoustika Kentra – Ελληνικά Ακουστικά Κέντρα). The company requested an update in both name and logo in order to simplify, modernize and strengthen its presence. The name Akouson – that was ultimately chosen – means “to hear” in the Greek language and reflected the company’s goals perfectly.


Wanting to provide an easy tool for their clients to help them find the right hearing aid for them, Akouson – Hearing Centres requested the design for a Wep App as well as naming suggestions for the campaign that would run with it. The aim of this web app and campaign was to generate leads but also help people using it to determine the level of hearing loos they might have. The design as well as the name “my best hearing” was one of the names provided which was used in the end.




In 2020 Akouson celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary for which the company requested a logo, packaging and memorabilia to commemorate the event. Along with the anniversary celebration Akouson – Hearing Centres requested a new identity and social media marketing branded materials, GDN and facebook ad creatives.


Akouson – Hearing Centres facebook page.


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