MSD Hellas

MSD is considered among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. As part of their worldwide CSR policy MSD Hellas published its second local CSR report for 2017-2018 in printed and digital format. I was tasked with designing the report following the brand guidelines and adding new design elements where it was needed according to data.


Working closely with the head of CSR, we completed the project in record time, under 3 weeks, which was a really tight deadline but was requested from the start.


Our work continued beyond the first report book as we communicated the most important information via newsletters and created an additional page on theĀ website, focusing on an infographic representation that helped deliver the message of the report efficiently. An invitation and a roll-up banner were also designed as part of an event that took place to inform MSD employees of the findings and discuss the nest steps.


As quarantine unfortunately became our new reality a need arose to visualise and emphasise on staying safe messaging, which resulted in 2 illustrations for social media and internal communication use.


VisitĀ to take a closer look at the 2nd report in a pdf format that is always available on site.


Branding, CSR