Sarantis S.A.

Gift Packages for various combinations of STR8 products were designed for the local and the European market.


The gift packs for the C•THRU series are designed anew every six months as new products are born taking the place of older ones. As a brand that has great appeal for young women in major European countries, every artwork created was thoroughly assessed to make sure that it covered the market needs and did not deviate from its core values.


Listening to the needs of a growing market Sarantis S.A. proceeded with the creation of Gift Packs for their existing B.U. fragrance series. The goal was to preserve the atmosphere of the original artwork while following the current design trends. This was achieved by adding something new while refreshing each gift pack. Be it stills from the TVC or brand new elements, it was all combined harmoniously in an authentic way to maintain the identity of the series and bring it forward at the same time.


Packaging Design